All About That Drip: Introducing Drip, Our Signature Lubricating Sex Oil

All About That Drip:  Introducing Drip, Our Signature Lubricating Sex Oil

HIGH PRIESTESS,  invites you to explore the potent pleasures of intimacy sex oils infused with CBD. Delve into the secrets of using these luxurious products to elevate your intimate experiences. Whether you are new to CBD lube or a seasoned user, this guide will enhance your understanding and ignite your curiosity.

Introducing Drip Lubricating Intimacy Oil

Upon receiving your order of Drip Lubricating Sex Oil, our lubricating sex oil, excitement and anticipation naturally arise. Before diving into your new sensual adventure, take a moment to acquaint yourself with some essential information. This oil, designed for a whole-body experience, promises to transform your intimate moments, but there are a few details to consider for optimal enjoyment and safety.

Safe Use of Condoms and Barriers

Understanding the compatibility of your CBD lube with various condoms is crucial. Drip is oil-based, which can degrade latex and poly-isoprene, increasing the risk of breakage. For those using condoms for STI prevention and pregnancy, choose oil-safe barriers such as polyurethane condoms. Several brands offer reliable polyurethane options, ensuring that you stay protected while you play.

Compatibility with Toys and Allergies

Drip Lubricating Sex Oil is a versatile companion for your intimate moments, seamlessly compatible with silicone, plastic, glass, and other non-latex-containing toys. However, always check for coconut allergies, as the primary ingredient is MCT coconut oil. While coconut allergies are not common, ensuring you or your partner aren’t allergic will enhance your experience without any unwelcome surprises. If you are sensitive it is recommended to try a patch test first.

How to Use CBD Lube for Maximum Pleasure

To experience the full benefits of our CBD lube/sex oil, pour a generous amount into your palm and apply it wherever you desire—whether it’s the vulva, breasts, thighs, penis, anus, or any part of the body where extra slipperiness is desired. The active ingredients in the formula take a short amount of time to work so definitely use the time to engage in light foreplay, kissing, or playing with toys, when it's fully activated, you will feel it! Drip Lubricating Sex Oil makes a wonderful massage oil, try rubbing it on your or your partners nipples and other erogenous zones or experiment with yoni massages for extra fun.

Unveiling the Magic of Drip: CBD Sex Oil

Drip Lubricating Sex Oil, enriched with full-spectrum hemp, organic marshmallow root, and organic MCT coconut oil, is more than just a lubricant—it’s a gateway to enhanced pleasure and deeper connections. Made with the purest ingredients, Drip is formulated to help elevate your intimate experiences. The blend of CBD and slippery marshmallow root enhances sensations, boosts blood flow, and increases sensitivity, making every touch and caress more intense. For those struggling with vaginal dryness, Drip Lubricating Sex Oil may provide a soothing solution. It helps enhances lubrication and doubles as a massage oil, helping make foreplay a more immersive and connected experience. Incorporating CBD lube into your routine, whether solo or with a partner, can transform sex toys and self-pleasure into profoundly satisfying sessions.

The Benefits of CBD in Sexual Wellness

CBD, a non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis, has gained popularity for its ability to enhance physical sensitivity and reduce discomfort during sex. Unlike THC, CBD does not induce a high but supports a heightened sense of pleasure. When applied to sensitive areas, CBD lube helps amplify the sensations, making your intimate moments more intense and fulfilling. 

Drip Lubricating Sex Oil is not just a lubricant; it's a versatile tool for all your intimate needs. Whether enhancing vaginal, anal, nipple, or clitoral stimulation, its your gateway to a smooth and pleasurable experience. It’s also an exceptional choice for sensual massages, adding an extra layer of intimacy and connection to your foreplay. Designed for all bodies, genders, and parts, Drip Lubricating Sex Oil is your go-to for any occasion where extra lubrication is desired. Here are some additional reasons for you to love it:

  1. Enhanced Sensations: Boost blood flow and pleasure, helping to enhance vaginal and anal sex for more intense experiences.

  1. Superior Lubrication: Infused with skin loving organic marshmallow root, Drip Lubricating Sex Oil nourishes and soothes, preventing micro tears from friction.

  1. Natural Ingredients: Made with organic coconut oil, marshmallow root, and whole flower hemp, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

  1. Relieve Sexual Discomfort: Ideal for those experiencing pain during sex, difficulty achieving orgasm, or vaginal dryness due to hormonal shifts.

  1. Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Free from harsh chemicals, Drip Lubricating Sex Oil is made with clean, organic, non-toxic ingredients.

Embrace the Sensual Revolution

HIGH PRIESTESS encourages you to embrace the full spectrum of your sensuality. With Drip Lubricating Sex Oil, explore new heights of pleasure and intimacy, breaking free from the constraints of sexual shame. Let this journey be one of self-discovery, connection, and unabashed joy.

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