The Talk: How to Talk to Your Parents About Cannabis

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Brace yourself for this one. Because if your parents are the type of people who weren’t about that life back in the day, then they probably still give you the side-eye when the topic of cannabis use comes up at all.

But the good news is you can attempt to educate your parents about cannabis because chances are, they’ve consumed plenty of misinformation as they’ve lived through an ongoing War on Drugs, Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No campaign, and multiple drug epidemics. Our unwillingness to view cannabis as medicine, to separate it from other Schedule I drugs (e.g. heroin, LSD), and to educate ourselves on the many benefits of this beloved plant, are all key to dispelling myths about the “Devil’s Lettuce”. That’s where you step in, o’ wise one.

We’re going to walk you through how to prepare for and have this talk with your parents, so buckle up, and let’s get right into it.

How to Prepare for ‘The Talk’

Before you enter into this discourse with your parents, think about what your end goal is here. Do you want your parents to understand why you use cannabis? Are you hoping to show them how it could be helpful in their own lives?

Establishing your intention for the discussion can help guide it in the right direction, and you’ll want to be prepared to tell them why you choose to partake, too. And this probably goes without saying, but do your research and come prepared with some facts.

Your Guide to Talking About Cannabis With Your Parents

On to the good part. You don’t want your folks out here thinking cannabis use makes you lazy, stupid, or unconcerned as Frank Ocean’s mom so lovingly read us all, so it’s time to get talking.


Step one: Speak from a wellness standpoint.

Alright, so hopefully, you’ve chosen a good time for your parents to talk—ideally when they aren’t stressed out or preoccupied with something else. It’s best to frame cannabis in this conversation as a wellness product before you start talking about using it for recreation.

After all, legal medical cannabis has been around in the US since 1996, as it is used for pain management, as a sleep aid, as an alternative to over-the-counter medicine, to remedy nausea, reduce inflammation, and more. You may want to point out that older adults are the fastest-growing group of cannabis users, too, as many swear by its health and wellness benefits.

Step two: Bring up its complicated history.

Cannabis use gets a bad rep for a reason (looking at you, Ronald and Nancy Reagan), and the ongoing War on Drugs has negatively influenced the way we look at cannabis and who’s punished for it.

You can’t talk about cannabis without acknowledging its political history and how it’s shaped many of our perceptions. We know for a fact that black and white people use cannabis at about the same rate, but black people are nearly four times more likely than white people to be arrested for it.

Step three: End on a high note.

So, what’s so great about cannabis to you? Do you like using hemp-derived CBD to promote mental calm and better deal with stress? Maybe unwinding with some hemp flower herbal blends is your jam, or perhaps you keep calm-promoting CBD Oil drops on hand to better manage the stresses and responsibilities of adulting, parenting, dating, being a good partner, showing up for your aging parents, maintaining friendships, finding normalcy in our post-Covid world, or, ya know, just living life?

Whatever the case is for you, this is your moment to let them hear your loving concern and passion, and help them understand how cannabis can benefit them, too. For example, CBD might be easier for them to get into, and studies show that older adults find CBD products helpful in treating pain, sleep disturbances, and anxiety.

That’s All, Folks

And that’s how you tell your parents that there’s more to cannabis consumption than just getting high. Pain, arthritis, and inflammation are normal parts of the aging process (anyone whose knees started making popping sounds after 30 can already relate) and cannabis, especially hemp-derived full-spectrum, CBD, can be an effective alternative to harmful pharmaceuticals for your parents.

So if they’re open to testing out the waters after your discussion, invite them to check out the shop.

Most importantly, let’s keep the conversation going and continue to destigmatize and normalize the use of this powerful plant medicine.

Don’t feel dismayed if they aren’t willing to try out CBD or any other cannabis products for themselves, just getting them to listen and engage in this conversation is a win in our book!

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